This article is about coins from Enemy 585. For coins from any game, please see Coins.

Gold coins
Gold Coin Gold coin
Still (left) and moving (right).
Ability Granting points to the player
Points Fifty
Game(s) Enemy 585

Gold coins are pick ups in the game Enemy 585, which are scattered around levels.


Gold coins are circular and have a gold-orange colour. They have a smiley face, and rotate around in their spot.

Game Information

Coins are scattered throughout the level, sometimes in dangerous spots, and sometimes in easy-to-reach spots. The player will get a bonus for picking all the coins in the level up if they do just that and complete the level. They all appear to be sentient and can talk, sometimes telling the player what to do.


Goldy: Don't touch me, I'll disappear and just be another number in some score board!

- Goldy on Level 6-4

Buck: Nearly there...the flag is the end of the level. Well done!

- Buck on Level 6-4

Mark: Step on ze spring enemy funf acht funf

- Mark on level 6-2

Stirling: Please pick me up! These cannons are making a heck of a racket.

- Stirling on level 5-4

Frances: "While you are here, enjoy le trois s's... sun, sea... and er,... switch blocks"

- Frances on level 5-3

Joy: Well, this is a strange level, think quick or enemy 585 will get it!

- Joy on level 1-3

Florin: Brrrrrrrr...why is it so cold here?

- Florin on level 1-2

Dinar: Watch out the Princess's castle is ahead!"

- Dinar on level 1-1

Smiles: Don't do it!! The guard dog is scary!

- Smiles on level 1-1

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