Godfrey Nectarine IV
Trap Godfrey Nectarine IV
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Health NPC
Level(s) Opening, ending
Status Alive, a princess
Game(s) Office Trap

Godfrey Nectarine IV is one of the characters in Office Trap. Godfrey Nectarine IV is the CEO of Corp Inc., and could be considered the antagonist of Office Trap.


Godfrey has a grey shirt with a red tie, and wears blue pants, most likely jeans. He has a red nose and brown hair.

Game information


Godfrey Nectarine IV was the descendant Princess Nectarine. Two statues of her were seen on his previously owned Corp Incorporated building. Godfrey Nectarine IV was looking for employees to work at Corp Inc..

Instead of doing a usual job interview, he sent a message to all the employees who came to the building, saying that if they wanted the job they have to get through the trap-ridden building and get to him. Very few employees made it, but the ones who did left jobless.

Trap Godfrey Princess

When they had got to Godfrey Nectarine IV, he said that he would sell the company and be a Princess. The employees left due to him acting crazy.

In game

Godfrey Nectarine IV, like Princess Nectarine in the past game (Knight Trap), appears only in the opening and ending of Office Trap.


  • Princess Nectarine may be Godfrey Nectarine IV's ancestor, or even Godfrey himself in a costume.
Godfrey Nectarines IV's wanting to act like a princess is a reference to Princess Nectarine's occupation in Knight Trap.
The dialog between Godfrey and the employees (at the end of Office Trap) is similar to that of Princess Nectarine and the knights at the end of Knight Trap.

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