Normal Gobber
Attack Firing goo ball, dangerous on contact
Abilities Can be controlled by jumping on head
Health Two blows
Game(s) Parasite

Gobbers are controllable enemies in the game Parasite. They are first encountered in level six.


Gobbers (when not enslaved) look like orange pigs with curly tails and a large tooth coming out of it's mouth, the tooth giving the impression of it smiling. The gobber's belly is a slightly lighter colour of orange.

When enslaved, the gobber's skin turns black and its belly is a dark white colour. Its eyes turns green and round and green drool comes from its mouth. It's goo balls are now light green while, when not enslaved, they were a greenish brown.

Game information

Gobbers will walk back and fourth, shooting goo when it stops or staying in one place and shooting. When controlled it can shoot goo from its mouth in any direction.

It can be very handy for defeating enemies since it can shoot at any angle. It's goo balls can also bounce of walls so it can hit enemies and buttons. Though a great weapon, it is flawed by not being able to jump.


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