Goal platforms
Trap Goal 1Trap Goal 2
Ability Completing the level
Game(s) Knight Trap

Office Trap

Goal platforms are the designated finish lines at the end of each level in the Trap series.


Knight Trap

In Knight Trap, goal platforms are four blocks wide platforms made out of bricks that have a sword on the left of the platform and a red flag (the flag of Princess Nectarine's captors) on the right.

Office Trap

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In Office Trap, goal platforms are red and steel blocks with a sky blue helicopter on it.

Game information

Each level of Knight or Office Trap, the player has to jump up all platforms of the level, avoiding traps, and jump up the the goal platform.

A goal platform cannot be jumped through, so a character has to jump from either the left or right of the platform and land on it. In Knight Trap, when the character lands on it, he will become happy and dance. In Office Trap, the player will enter the helicopter and it will fly away.

Two characters cannot occupy the same platform. If a knight or employee jumps at an already occupied goal platform, he will go through it and fall through it. Once all goal platforms are occupied, the player will progress to the next level.

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