Goal flag
Goal Flag
Ability Completes the level
Game(s) Enemy 585

The goal flag is an interactive object in the game Enemy 585.


It is a bright pole with a yellow sphere on the top. Raised on the pole is a light blue flag with a star. When the level is completed, the flag will turn red with a white face that has a grumpy smile.

Game information

The goal flag is what Enemy 585 is trying to get to in each level. Before Enemy 585 gets to the flag, it has a blue flag up. When he passes it, the blue flag is tuned into a red flag with a frowning face on it.

It is possible that when the bearded man went first through the area, he turned all the red flags with the frown on them to blue, so when Enemy 585 went back through the level, he changed them blue back to the frown.


  • This is supposed to represent the flag-pole at the end of every level in the Mario series.

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