This article is about worms from Graveyard Shift. For worms from other games, please see Worm.

Glow worms
Ability Grants points (50)
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Glow worms are non harmful point granting creatures in Graveyard Shift.


Glow worms appear as a inchworm-like worm that glows a white light. They have no visible face.

Game information

Glow worms appear only on a few levels of the first five levels of Graveyard Shift. They move slowly on platforms, and will walk to one side and back without walking off the side of the platform. When shot, the ends of the glow worm's body will fall off the screen, not glowing anymore.

Glow worms grant 50 points once shot. They oddly only appear in a few levels of the first five levels. It is strange how they only appear in the first set, as they can be used in other parts of the game.

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