"You cannot click or drag your shapes through these glass panels. And it's right in the way. Typical!" - Level 17 of Power Up


This article is about glass from Powerup. For glass from other games, please see Glass.

Glass panels
Ability Prevents dragging
Game(s) Powerup

Glass panels are interactive objects in Powerup, making their first appearance in level 17.


These panels of glass are attached to sections of the ground, stretching across certain areas of the game.

Game information

When players find their cursor over a glass panel when dragging a piece, it will suddenly drop, falling to the ground. This limits the areas which players can move their pieces to.

When attempting to drag behind a glass panel, a "clicking" noise may be heard as though the glass is being tapped on, but no piece behind a glass panel can be dragged out when the mouse cursor is over it. In later levels, glass panels appear when the transformers are seen on the ceiling, and in such cases, players are usually given sticky balloons when they encounter glass panels in these levels.

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