This article is about Glass from The Glassworks. For Glass from other games, please see Glass (Disambiguation).

Small square of glass
Regular glass
Ability Allows the player to climb on the surface
Game(s) Glassworks

Glass is a surface in the game Glassworks. Three types of glass exist: regular glass, flipping glass, and slippery glass.


Glass is a pale yellow colour and is transparent. Around the edges of the glass are grey metal sides, with pink stripes on some. Glass also seems to have several outlines of squares and rectangles embedded in it.

Flipping glass looks like normal glass. There are two trapezoids at the top and bottom of the glass.

Slippery glass appears as regular brown glass with white soap scattered on the glass.

Game information

Kapowski can move on glass. The glass usually has purple and grey rims around it, but if one side of the glass is exposed, Kapowski can move up to that edge and flip onto the other side of it.

Flipping glass is introduced on level 4 and is located on regular glass. When Kapowski is on flipping glass and punches it, the glass will flip and move Kapowski on to the opposite side of the glass. This kind of glass usually appears on levels where the player needs reach the other side of the glass quickly.

Slippery glass is introduced on level 5 and is a hazardous type of glass that will cause Kapowski to slowly slip down it, although he can counteract this by moving upwards. Slippery glass is explained as glass that has been left unfinished by a robot worker.

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