A gladiator with half of a helmet
Attack Punching; picking up the Spartans, then throwing them
Abilities Walking
Health Sword - 20 blows
Hammer- 3 blows
Game(s) Double Edged

Gladiators are enemies in the game Double Edged.


Gladiators are strong, tough, muscular men that are deployed on the battlefield. They have a belt and short pants, and gold bracelets at their wrists. One kind of a gladiator has a helmet with holes for breathing; another one has the bottom half of a helmet covering his mouth.

Game information

Helmet Gladiator

A gladiator with a full helmet

They are quite strong, they walk at a medium speed and take twenty hits with the sword to kill. Their attacks include punching the Spartan back when they get too close, delivering medium damage and momentarily stunning the Spartan. They can also pick up the Spartan and choke them while it crushes its body, then throwing the Spartan onto the ground, leaving them momentarily unconscious.

Gladiators are quite tough enemies to fight in large groups, as they attack when the Spartan gets too close, and they can throw the Spartan back. Although the gladiators are strong, they still can get stunned by the Spartan's special attack. There is another variation of gladiator as well. This variation has a helmet that will protect it's head from attacks.




-Enemy gladiator dying in level 1-1

"Me is going to break you!"

-Upon encountering enemy gladiator on level 1-1


  • Because of the shackles on their hands, they appear to have escaped from somewhere, possibly from a fighting arena.
  • While Double Edged occurs in Greece, gladiators originated from Roman culture.

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