The girl is the heroine of Ditto.


This protagonist is seen as having a rectangle for a head and a pyramid skirt for a body, both of which are white. Also, she wears a white bow on her head and a red cape on her back. She has two small black squares for eyes.

Although when still she is perfectly geometric in shape, walking causes her cape to swish about and jumping causes her pyramidal skirt to billow out, revealing small white pointy feet underneath. The girl's double in the opposite world is exactly the same is appearance except that it is an orange outline filled in with black, and it has no cape.

Game information


The game begins when the girl wakes up as a butterfly perches upon her face. She gets up and finds herself trapped in a dungeon just below a hole she fell out from, along with a mirror version of herself in a mirror world below her. She then goes through the open door in the room, and makes her way through the rest of the dungeon, solving puzzles and avoiding hazards along the way. 

Penguin 1

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The girl eventually arrives at the exit of the dungeon then she realized that her reflection was trying to move on its own away from her. Her reflection finally reveals itself as a completely different being that copied her movements the entire time. The girl gets distracted by her reflection leaving and trips just at the staircase leading to the exit. It was then too late; she was locked in by her own reflection. She cries as her body is slowly engulfed into the mirror. She then became a being similar to the dark reflection that left her. A scream was heard in the first room and over there was the previous version of her lying down in the middle of the mirror. The shadow decides to lie down next to her at the other side, copying her exact position, and waits for her to wake up.


The player controls the girl in Ditto purely with the arrow keys. Left and Right make her move, while Up makes her jump. While in the air, the player can press and hold Up a second time to glide. Gliding will cause the girl's skirt to billow out and slow her fall. Using this reduced fall, the player can move left and right to make much longer jumps than otherwise possible.

If the character or her mirror doubles touches any enemy or hazard, a square implosion animation occurs, and she dies and respawns at the beginning of the room with any gems collected reset. The girl also cries out as she transitions back to the start of the level. When her reflection is killed, she will cry out as usual, but the audio would be reversed.

Mirror doubles

Along with controlling the main character, using the arrow keys also controls the girl's reflection in the opposite mirror world when orange mirrors are present. However, in some rooms the controls are inverse to the normal world, adding an extra challenge to the game. Multiple reflections can be present depending on the number of orange mirrors in range.

Other appearances

  • Ditto skin - The girl and her reflection is deformed in front of the mirror in the deformed black background.
  • Beneath The Lighthouse - The girl appears as a cameo in the texture of the first room of level 18.



  • In the January 30th 2014 blog post, the girl's red cape is more smooth than the cape she has in the game.
  • Spoiler
    At the end of the game when the girl is crying "No!" as her body is being transformed by the mirror, it is followed by another cry which is actually "No" said backwards.
  • Spoiler
    The girl and the reflection's idle animation is slightly out of sync which implies that the reflection was a different being the whole time as revealed in the ending. However, Nitrome did not intend for this to happen.[2]


  1. November 12th 2015 - Reply by Nitrome: @Frostyflytrap yep

    In response to Frostyflytrap:

    Hey @Nitrome is the girl from Ditto supposed to be human?
  2. April 1st 2015 - Reply by Nitrome: @Frostyflytrap just a glitch...@Frostyflytrap yeah we see what you mean. You can take it as intentional if it makes us seem more clever! ;)