An extended Girder

Girders are tools in the games Rubble Trouble Tokyo and Rubble Trouble Moscow.


Girders are pink coloured bar like objects that can be placed to hold to objects together. Girders consist of two pink bars held together with very small prongs. The girder appears like a ladder, only with very small prongs. When the girder is selected, it will appear as its smallest.
Girder select

The Girder select button

Game Information


Girders can not only hold to still objects, but metal bars as well.

Clicking on an object will fasten that and of the girder to the object, but only if there is no X on the girder when placing it. When one side of the girder is fastened, the player has to do the same with the other end, click on an object. Girders will hold to object together, and serve as a link between the two objects. Girders cannot be used as ramps, even though they look like they can. A girder will stay attached to something as long as the object it is attached to is not destroyed, if this is so the entire Girder will disappear. Girders may sometimes already be placed in a level, these Girders not being able to be removed.

Girders can be helpful holding SuperSteel together so thy do not fly out and damage other buildings, and they can also be attached to sumo wrestlers so when a strong force comes, the sumo wrestler will either go in that direction or go in that direction when they fall down. Girders cannot be attached to civilian buildings, like yellow barriers and pachinko.

Game Description

Click to attach the first Girder Pin to an object. Then click again to attach the next pin to another objects.
The two objects are now attached! If you see an X, that means Girders can't attach to that object.

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