This article is about Worms from Worm Food. For Worms from other games, please see Worms.

Giant worm species
Giant Worm
Colours Grey/green
Abilities Can dig underground
Members Giant Worm
Inventions None

The giant worm species is an extinct species of worm in Worm Food. The species was driven to extinction by the Stone Tribe.


The giant worms were driven to extinction by the Stone Tribe. After the last of the species, the giant worm, realized this, he attacked the Stone Tribe and devoured many of their villagers. The tribe asked other tribes to help them, and they did, but failed to annihilate the terror.

Eventually, the giant worm that had been ailing them was killed, due to the gods. But many years later, yet another one was born. This one attacked the Stone Tribe in its 21st century-like form.


Giant worms are born underground and may spend most of their lives under the earth. They are deemed a great pest by the tribes of the land, who try to exterminate them. Giant worms are possibly omnivorous, although they are definitely carnivorous. This species can move very fast in the earth, and with great speeds leap out of the ground. Their giant mouth allows for them to devour humans who are forced to enter their mouth.

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