This article is about worms from Worm Food. For worms from other games, please see Worms.

Giant worm
Giant Worm
Gender Unknown
Species Giant worm
Faction Evil
Health Long (possibly 50 hits)
Level(s) All
Status Alive
Game(s) Worm Food

The giant worm is the protagonist in Worm Food. He is the last of an extinct species of giant worms.


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Game information


Worm Food - Nitrome Touchy

The more detailed head of the giant worm, as seen on the Nitrome Touchy controller

The giant worm resided in the ground. When it found out that the Stone Tribe had drove his species to extinction, and it was the last one, it was angered. Bent on revenge, it viciously attacked the Stone Tribe, devouring all the villagers in the area. The Stone Tribe tried to destroy this dangerous terror by doing many things, but failed.

They then asked the neighboring tribes for help. The neighboring tribes responded, and helped the Stone Tribe. The help from the tribes was not enough to destroy the underground beast.

Through much battling, the beast was eventually killed.

In game

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Other appearances

  • Touchy - A Cuboy appears with a mini giant worm on its head


  • The giant worm in many ways is very similar to the Rishi Eel from the Star Wars the Clone Wars television series. Both of them have almost exact appearances.

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