This article is about walruses from Snow Drift. For walruses from Frost Bite series, please see Walruses (Frost Bite).

Giant walruses
Giant walrus
Attack Creating a shockwave
Abilities Jumping
Health Cannot be killed
Points N/A
Game(s) Snow Drift

Giant walruses are enemies in the game Snow Drift.


Giant walruses are large purple creatures as shown to the right. They have big tusks, an anchor tattoo and a small sailor hat. They have very shaggy faces. They are very muscular and have flippers for arms and legs. Their stomachs and underarms are peachy-purple and the rest of their bodies are deep purple.

Game information

Giant walruses are the biggest enemies in Snow Drift. They stand on the track, being stationary for a few seconds. Every three to five seconds it will jump up and land on the ground, its landing creating a fiery shock wave that continues over the entire horizontal platform the walrus is on, but not going down any adjacent platforms.

Presumably due to their big appearance, they cannot be slid into to be killed, and in fact cannot be killed at all. Their big size makes it difficult to jump over them, but it is very possible when the jump key is held long enough. They appear close to the end of the game, often at the top of a slope of ice. They are first found on level 12.