Giant blocks
A giant block
Attack Crushing the player
Health 6 blows

Giant blocks are object that smasher aliens use to attack in Bullethead.


The giant blocks is a huge block covered with brown metal. On top it has a hole for the alien saucer to grab and lift the block into the air. It has a green light near the top and a skull with three eye holes in the middle, which is the alien's emblem. The lower section of the block is larger than the rest of the block. Four different coloured metal pieces are on the corners of the main section of the block.

Game information

The smasher alien will hover up and down in the sky, but not go through the edge of the screen. It will then eventually drop the block, and the block will isolate the player from whatever is on the other side of the block. The block can be picked up and carried around by the alien.

When the alien dies, so does the giant block. The gigantic block its self cannot be hurt but its carrier can. It will try and smash the player once they walk within its basic vicinity.

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