Giant beetle
Giant beetle
Attacks ?
Abilities ?
Level Room 34 (demo)
Health ?
Points N/A
Game(s) Flightless

The giant beetle is the first known boss of Nitrome's first Steam game, Flightless.


The giant beetle has a fierce, skull-like face, with two spikes sticking out of it. It has an armoured black spine, with spikes running down it. It has a transparent, balloon like underbelly, through which its heart is visible. There are two legs near its bottom, and two small arms near its top.

Game information:

In the demo of Flightless, the giant beetle appears only briefly, at the very bottom of the area explored in the game (Room 34). It drops down from the ceiling, rears up, revealing its transparent underbelly with its heart inside (probably it's weakspot), and roars.

However, the demo ends at this point, and a message on screen pops up encouraging the player to vote the game up on Steam Greenlight. Therefore, nothing else about the giant beetle is currently known. It can be presumed that his underbelly is his weak point, as it looks extremely vulnerable. Despite no game information known about the giant beetle, touching the beetle in the demo will kill the player. There is also no way to harm the beetle.

The final game will likely have the giant beetle's heart or stomach as the weak spot of the boss, considering how large and noticeable these are.


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