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Giant ape
Giant Ape
Attacks Roaring out bat beasts and small apes
Level 10-3
Health Five blows to head
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

The giant ape is the second and last boss in Frost Bite 2. It is a giant furry ape which can roar enemies out of its mouth.


The giant ape has two small furry legs, attached to an above furry body. On top of the body is the Ape's giant head, which has pink skin and some fur on the top. On the head of the Ape is its opened mouth, revealing its four teeth (one at each corner).

Above the mouth is its small nose, and to the left and right of that is its small yellow eyes. Above is the fur on its head, and coming out of it are two dark purple-red horns, which are curled. On each side of the top of the creature's body are its two arms, big and furry, with non-furry pink skinned fingers.

Game information

Frost Bite 2

The giant ape is fought on level 10, room 3, which is in a cave. The giant ape is situated up on platform in the middle of the room. To kill the giant ape, the player has to land on its head five times, which is done by climbing the climbing mes high up on the walls, then landing on its head.

The first attack of the giant ape is to summon eight bat beasts, which will circle around it. The player has to kill a few bats to make a gap between the circle, then climb the mesh and land on its head.

It is not possible for the player to eliminate a large amount of bats, as once a few remain, the ape will roar them out, and replace them with eight new ones (this also happens when the ape is injured). After some time, it will roar out a small ape, ceasing to not roar out any more if there are already two on the ground. After killing the boss, the player is granted 2000 points.


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Nitrome - Frost Bite 2 - Level 10 Final Boss01:05

Nitrome - Frost Bite 2 - Level 10 Final Boss

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