Giant Holding Yeti
The giant holding the Yeti
Gender Unspecified
Species Giant
Faction Unknown (Possibly evil for freezing yetis)
Health Invincible
Level(s) Level one
and the ending
Status Alive
Game(s) Cold Storage

The giant is the main antagonist of Cold Storage. The giant's body is never actually seen, his hands and some of arms (less than up to his elbow) are only seen. The giant has white pointy fingernails, suggesting he is a primitive.


The giant's entire body is not seen, only his hands. His hands are large and a bit brownish in colour, with large pointy nails on his fingers.


The giant owned a deep freeze larder cave (called "cold storage" in the game), which was small compared to his enormous height. The giant possibly hunted yetis, and stored the ones he caught in his larder cave.

All the yetis he caught were supposedly dead, but one he delivered was still alive. This yeti scaled the giant's larder cave, using the poles the giant stored food on. The yeti jumped out the top of the larder cave, but fell on a top of a cheeseburger which the giant had placed below the yeti. After sprinkling some salt on the yeti, he brought the top part of the bun down on his burger.

Penguin 1

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The giant putting the yeti on a cheeseburger in the ending of Cold Storage


  • The giant's hands are very similar to the hands of the behemoth, as both hands have pointed nails and have a similar colour. Also, both character's bodies are not seen.
  • The giant's hands appear in the startup of Cold Storage, placing the Nitrome logo on a slab of ice.

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