This article is about ghosts from Mega Mash. For ghosts from other games, please see Ghosts.

A purple and green ghost
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health One hit
Points 100
Game(s) Carrot Story (Mega Mash)

Ghosts are the first enemies introduced in the Carrot Story areas of Mega Mash. Two types of ghosts are found in Carrot Story - purple ghosts and green ghosts. Although both are in the basic enemies group, purple ghosts are in basic enemies 1 while green ghosts are in basic enemies 2.


Both ghosts have a long cloak that hoods their makeshift heads and bodies. A skull head peeks out of the hood. Purple ghosts are stationed on the ground, turning the other direction when they hit a wall. They leap when travelling and often appear together in groups.

Green ghosts, on the other hand, are often seen on floating platforms elevated higher off ground. They too are often seen together. Unlike the purple ghosts, they have the ability to stick to the platforms they are on, and travel around it in a circular motion at a slow pace.

Game information

There are two types of ghosts: green ghosts and purple ghosts. Despite there being two types, both have traits in common. Both ghosts move horizontally, and harm Fluffykins' only on contact.

Both enemies can be killed when Fluffykins jumps on the top of their hood, of which they will disappear in a circle of stars. Both can also be killed by a bullet, either shot from Fluffykins in his power up, or by the Xolstar from Xolstar 3, so long as both games are seen adjacent to each other.

Purple ghosts

Purple ghosts have the special ability of being able to jump. They can be found moving a short distance then jumping, consistently doing this. They are sometimes found in groups. Purple ghosts are in the basic enemies group basic enemies 1.

Green ghosts

Green ghosts have the special ability of being able to move across all block surfaces. When on a surface, they will stretch their body out on to the other surface then pull their body from the previous surface on to the new surface. This ability allows them to be upside down on platforms, along with also being able to reside sideways on platforms.

If the platform they are on is destroyed, they will still move in the direction they are currently facing, although this will cause them to move through the air. Green ghosts are part of the basic enemies group basic enemies 2.


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