An non-shattered generator

A shattered generator

Ability Power force fields
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Generators are interactive objects in the game Final Ninja Zero. They are the power sources of force fields in the game.


Generators appear as block like structures. They appear as a metal block with a window. A red light can be seen in the window, a trail of pipes are always seen in the walls leading from the generator to the force field. Once a generator is destroyed, the window will be shattered and the light will be out of it.

Game information

Generators appear in walls and in some levels power a single force field not set off by the alarm. Generators are most of the time never guarded and quite open for attack, as well as not being that strong. A ninja star can easily make quick work of a generator. Upon destroying the generator, the force field which draws power from the generator will also shut down, allowing Takeshi to adventure through the area previously blocked by the force field.

Some generators are protected by other hazards and are sometimes unreachable by Takeshi, in these case he must take control of a green mine and move it into the generator, causing both the mine and the generator to explode.


On Simon Hunter's website, an image can be found of a beta generator without a light or a window in it. This generator was perhaps the template used to create the shattered and non-shattered generators, as it is very similar to both, except for the lack of a window or light.

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