This article is about gems from Twin Shot (series). For gems from other games, please see Gems.

Red Gem
Ability Granting the player points
Points 500
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Gems are pick-ups in the Twin Shot series.


Gems are shaped like diamonds and can be red. This is referring to the fact that actual red diamonds are the most valuable and rarest gem in existence. Oddly, this kind of gem also appears in Onekey as well in the Chisel series but with colour and points variation.

Game information

Gems are rare, and are worth 500 points, equal to five gold coins. They disappear just like the coin, but they do not appear like them. They appear sometimes in treasure chests, sometimes when a certain spot on the wall is shot, or they can just rise up out of the ground. They mostly rise up out of the ground in odd, hard-to-reach places.

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