Ditto Gem animatedDitto BlackGem animated
Normal gem (left) and the mirror version of the gem (right)
Points 50
Game(s) Ditto

Gems are pick ups in Ditto.


Gems are diamond-shaped pick ups that spin around and are either green with white highlights or black with orange outlines.

Game Information

Gems are encountered commonly throughout Ditto, and can be collected if the girl makes contact with them. Although often stationary, sometimes they will move along set paths. When a gem is collected, it will only remain part of the player's gem count if the player completes the level with it still in their possession.

Gems come in two colours: green and orange. Green gems can only be collected by the girl herself, while orange gems can only be collected by the girl's reflection. Other than by who they can be collected, the differences in the two types of gem are only aesthetic. Gems serve only as a source of points, as collecting all the gems in the game does nothing more than give the player a higher score.



  • There is a glitch in Ditto where it is possible to extend the gem counter farther than the total amount of gems in the game.

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