This article is about gems from Chisel (series). For gems from other games, please see Gems.

Blue GemPink GemPurple GemRed GemGems (Chisel)
Cyan Gem topPink Gem topPurple Gem topRed Gem topGreen Gem top
Ability Granting the player points
Points Five hundred
Game(s) Chisel
Chisel 2

Gems are pick ups in the game Chisel series.


Gems all look the same, except with different coloring. They come in purple, pink, red, green, and cyan. Gems have several sides, with each having different shading to show reflection. They are diamond-shaped when on the surface of a planet, but when they are inside a planet, only their multi-sided tops are shown.

Game information

Gems will spawn randomly around the level. They appear out of thin air, and have a rainbow circle expand outwardly around them when they first appear. In the original Chisel, gems could only spawn on the surface of a planet, but in Chisel 2, they could spawn on the inside of planets as well. They can be collected by the player by having the Chiseler touch them (walking into them when on the surface, and drilling into them when inside a planet), in which the gem will fly up to their score counter, and add five hundred points to the player's score.

Gem collected

A gem after being collected

When a gem is collected, a circle of color-changing stars will briefly shoot out from around the gem, with the white number "500" in the middle of the circle (signifying that the player has gained five hundred points). If a gem is not picked up, it will turn white and disappear after about six seconds. Chiseler can still collect the gems even as they are disappearing.


  • The diamond-shaped gems are the same as the gems from the game Onekey.
  • The diamond-shaped red gem is the same red gem from the Twin Shot series.
    • In fact, all of the diamond-shaped gems appear to look exactly like the red gem from the Twin Shot series, only in different colours.
  • The circular gems are the same gems from the unreleased game Fluffball.
  • The ability to have gems inside planets was made possible by the new engine Nitrome made for Chisel 2.

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