Closed gate T-U
A closed short gate
Ability Blocking the player's path
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Gates are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.


Short gates

Short gates are depicted as two small rectangles pressed against each other when closed, or placed vertically when opened. The rectangles are a dark, almost black, shade of grey with a single golden dot as the hinge placed near the far side of the rectangles.

Long gates

Long gates are depicted as resembling metal and extending out of a dark grey stone tile with the faint miniscule image of long gate visible in the center tile. Long gates have three tall bars placed vertically with pointed spear like ends that overlap over six short bars that are placed horizontally. The bars of long gates are a dark purplish-brown with small bolts appear on the three vertical bars.

Game information

Gates first appear in level three of Turn-Undead and serve as a hindrance to both the player and enemies. When an entity (the player, an enemy, or a movable object) activates a button, gates will begin to open and, when the entity moves off the button, the gate will close. Long gates, in contrast to short gates, require the player to stay on a button for a total of four turns to completely open. Both the player and the Dracula can jump/fly through short gates from the downside, while short gates prevent any entity from falling through. It has been tested that the spikes on the long gates can kill the hunter on contact.

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