Gate yellow goo
Sleeping Yellow Goo
Attack None
Abilities Holding gate closed
Game(s) Swindler
Swindler 2
Gate yellow goo is a type yellow goo in the Swindler series.


Gate yellow goo appears as a wad of sleeping yellow goop attached to two sides of a gate.

Game information

Gate goo

The goo on a gate

Open locked gate

An open gate that cannot be closed

Gate yellow goo is introduced in level 3 of Swindler, and level 6 of Swindler 2. It likely acts as an obstacle rather than a enemy, due to the lack of attacks. It is found sleeping in the middle of gates, holding both ends of it together. The gate usually is blocking something needed to complete the level.

To get rid of the gate and the goo, the player must press all the green switches in the room, which will open the the gate and break the goo apart. Pressing the switch can be done by wrapping Swindler's cord around it, allowing it to swing around the other side. Once the gate is open, the player can keep it open by putting Swindler's cord over one side of the opened gate.

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