Gate Keeper
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health N/A
Level(s) N/A
Status Alive
Game(s) Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

The Gate Keeper is a character in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.


He has an extremely large head, with a few strands of hair at the top. His left eye blinks a lot, possibly because it is irritated. He has a gold earring on his right ear. Around his neck, he wears a gold necklace. Most of his body is not seen. He holds a staff alongside him. This staff is dark brown and has a coin on the top of it. His back is hunched over a lot.

Game information

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Needed: The Gate Keeper's role and behaviour during gameplay.

Story information

The Gate Keeper makes a living by accepting funds to open gates. He lives with his mother, who is also located at the gates. He had ran back to his other home once, but as he is extremely dependent on others, he decided to go back to operating gates.

The Gate Keeper is the son of the Cutting Master, and despite his father being a Viking, he did not become one due to lacking a beard. His father had left him and his mom for unknown reasons.

Other appearances


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