RT Garry
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health None
Level(s) All
Status Alive, going to a new contract
Game(s) Rubble Trouble series

Garry is character and part of the demolition crew in the Rubble Trouble series.


Garry carries a stick of dynamite, pilots mostly all vehicles that use weapons, and wears gray goggles.

Game information

Garry pilots mostly all vehicles that use weapons, and mostly uses explosive tools. Garry has five brothers: Barry, Larry, Larry the 2nd, Larry the 3rd and Larry the 4th. He also has a cousin called Ivan.


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  • "Hey Barry. I think the toxic waste is making your beard mutate. It's turning grayer by the minute."
  • "These guys remind me of our old wrecking balls, only fleshier... and more talkative."
  • "Yay! We get to play games again!"
  • "How many times have we saved you? And your brothers?"


  • Garry may had other brothers that were not named in the games.
  • Garry may represent either Mat or Jon Annal since Mat and Jon work at Nitrome together.

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