Attack Firing fireballs
Abilities Flying
Health Gun(GS) - 30 shots to open mouth
Sword(GS) - ?
Grenade(GS) - One shot to open mouth
Game(s) Graveyard Shift

Gargoyles are enemies in the game Graveyard Shift. They are introduced in level four.


Gargoyles main body is cube shaped, with two ears coming from their head, and two arms near their face. Their face is made up of two orange eyes and a mouth, a mouth that has to visible teeth. Below ts body is its legs, attached to its rear end its tail with a triangle. It has two large wins attached to its back, used for flying. Gargoyles bleed orange blood when shot, and have the inside of their mouth covered orange.

Game information

Gargoyles are the only enemies in Graveyard Shift that can fly in different patterns (beetle flies can also fly, but only in one pattern). Gargoyles can fly either vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or in a random pattern. Gargoyles can only be harmed when their mouth is open, which is when they are about to attack. They will open their mouth and keep it open for about 10 second, before firing. They take a bit longer to fire than zombies, which is because if they fired immediately, it would be difficult to kill them as the player would have to constantly block fireballs while trying to shoot the gargoyle's mouth.

Gargoyles will fire several fireballs before closing their mouth, soon trying again. Due to the speed at which a gargoyles moves, it can be difficult to kill them as the player has to keep their target reticule on the agile foe. They spawn into levels like beetle flies, appearing only in sections where they is no ground for enemies to stand, and the gargoyles the only enemies. They can be formidable opponents in groups, as fireballs will be shot at the player from different parts of the level.

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