Game barriers
Half half
The player's character crossing a game barrier
Ability Separates the games from each other
Game(s) Mega Mash

Game barriers are interactive objects in Mega Mash.


Game barriers are somewhat pale lines that blur with part of the background in the different games. Bits of rainbow colors can be seen running across the lines, horizontally or vertically. Tiny white pixels move out of the game barriers, escaping into the game's background.

Game information

Game barriers separate the different games within Mega Mash from each other. If one game leads to another, a game barrier separates the two. Game barriers will cause the player's current character, as well as any enemies present, into another game, this depending on the game being played. Some game barriers can be activated or deactivated by pressing a button with the player's current character or with boxes.


  • Game barriers are reminiscent of teleporters from the Test Subject Series.
  • Game barriers do not only separate games from one another - they also separate games from empty black space, where there are no games. The player can enter this black space, which can lead to some very prominent glitches.


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