Galactic jelly
Four blocks of pink galactic jelly.
Ability Sticks to the new born sun
Game(s) Nebula

Galactic jelly is an interactive object that is first introduced in level four of Nebula.


Square-shaped, galactic jelly is a purple coloured translucent material with pink only seen as a border. Several diagonal lines are visible crossing through each cube.

More than one cube will be seen at a time, stuck together in scattered groups. While they sometimes stick to walls within the game, they are also present in mid-air on certain levels.

Game information

When the new born sun makes contact with a square of pink galactic jelly, it will stop moving and stick to the surface. It will then remain there until the player clicks their mouse, the new born sun moving according to the direction of the click when the player clicks. This allows the player to have a rest or rethink their moves without having to keep constant control of the new born sun. Despite its sticky properties, enemies that make contact with galactic jelly will not stick to it.

In later levels where galactic jelly makes an appearance, the new born sun also becomes vulnerable to moving enemies and nearby hazards, even when stuck onto the jelly.


  • Galactic jelly shares similarities with pink goo from Rockitty, as both allow the main character to remain in one place until the player chooses to let them go with a click of the mouse. Coincidentally, Nebula was the game released right after Rockitty.

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