Fuzzy spheres
Fuzzy sphere 1Fuzzy sphere 2

A calm fuzzy sphere (left)
An angry fuzzy sphere (right)

Attack Dangerous on contact
Health Pink Bomb Powerup - One
Drill(RBGDN)Missile(RBGDN) - Varies
Game(s) Rainbogeddon

Fuzzy spheres are enemies in the game Rainbogeddon.


Fuzzy spheres come in green and red. When they are green, they are are not angry. When they are red, they are angry, and can turn into red when the squids are beeping. They look similar to temper monsters.

Game information

When squids see the grey creature and start to beep, all fuzzy spheres in the level will turn red and begin to home in on the player. They can be found in level nineteen of Rainbogeddon. Fuzzy spheres can also turn angry on their own, as demonstrated by the fuzzy spheres in level thirty-nine. If contact is made with the grey creatures, the grey creature will die or lose its power.

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