Furry horned creatures
Monster 2FHC
The furry horned creature walking (left), the furry horned creature about to drown (right)
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health One fall into the ice
Game(s) Thin Ice

Furry horned creatures are enemies that only appear in the game Thin Ice.


From their appearance, they have a white furry body, with two furry arms. Behind their body is a part of their body which is dragging. Coming from their mouth are tusks, and on their face is visible their two eyes, which is odd because most Frost Bite enemies only have one visible eye.

On top of their head are their two, curled, brown horns, along with a yellowish horn poking out of the top of the furry horned creature's head, where its nose would be. Their walking appearance does not show their entire body, while their drowning appearance does.

Game information

Thin Ice

Furry horned creatures appear early in Thin Ice, but as the game goes on they are no longer seen. They have no attack, and walk horizontally. They are only seen walking horizontally, never vertically, and due to the angle of their body, their entire face cannot be seen.

The player has to make a circle around them when they are walking on the ice the player is about to sink, if they make a hole in front of them on ice they aren't already on, they will just walk against the ice as if it were a wall.


  • Furry horned creatures are the only enemy in the Frost Bite series to not have their full body visible when walking.

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