This article is about fruit from The Bucket. For fruit from other games, please see Fruit.

Ability Grant the player 250 points on contact with the mystical flying fish or bucket
Game(s) The Bucket

Fruit is a pick up that grants points in The Bucket.


Since different kinds of fruit are seen throughout each level, appearances vary. All fruits are about the same height as the bucket, and most have two tiny green leaves.


Fruit being obtained by the mystical flying fish

Some recognizable fruits include pineapples, green grapes, oranges, and bananas.

Game information

Fruit can be found on every level in The Bucket. They are commonly found occupying open areas and often placed near spike stars. The only purpose of fruit is to grant points to the player for a higher score and is not necessary for level completion.

Each fruit, when touched by either the mystical flying fish or the bucket, will grant two hundred fifty points that will be added to the player's level score upon completion of the level. An explosion of stars and the number 250 will be seen whenever fruit is obtained.

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