Frost Bite series
Ico frostbite Thiniceicon Frostbite2icon
No. of games 3
First game release date March 2006
Latest game release date December 17th, 2008
Relatedness Subsequent game - sequel
The Frost Bite series began in 2006 with the release of the game Frost Bite. It primarily consists of a climber who uses her grappling hook to climb mountains.

Main series

Frost Bite

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The original game, Frost Bite, was among the first of Nitrome's works. It was the eighth game, released in 2006. It followed the adventures of the Climber as she climbed a set of mountains. Using the mouse, the player can control the climber to scale platforms, defeat enemies, grab on to holds, and more.

Frost Bite 2

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Frost Bite 2 was the direct sequel to Frost Bite, released in 2008. The player once again was required to climb a set of mountains, with no apparent plot.


Thin Ice

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Thin Ice is widely considered to be a spin off of the main Frost Bite series, as it contains the Climber and other characters from the series. The player must skate holes around enemies on a thin frozen lake, causing them to fall in. This game is widely similar to the Intellivision game of the same name.