Freezable blocks
An ice-covered block and three variations of red blocks
Ability Can be frozen and jumped through
Game(s) Jack Frost

Freezable blocks are interactive objects and the main type of block in Jack Frost.


Red blocks come in three variations, all the same except being coloured differently. The first variation is fuschia, the second mahogany, and the third normal red. All blocks are programmed to be a certain colour for each level, meaning that all red blocks are not picked a random colour each time the player plays a level.

A frozen red block has only one variation, it appearing as a light blue ice coloured block with ice pointing down.

Game information

Jack Frost must touch all freezable blocks in the level to complete it. There are several types of blocks: red blocks (which when touched) turn to white blocks, white blocks being vital to complete a level. White & red blocks can be jumped through. These blocks also make up all the platforms in Jack Frost. Enemies in Jack Frost walk on the platforms, as well as Jack Frost. Trees and bushes are also attached to the blocks in the background, and will be frozen when the block they are attached to is frozen.

Ladders are also attached to some blocks, but will not freeze when the block it is attached to is frozen. Enemies like lizards and dragons can melt white blocks, and due to their invincibility the player has to avoid them whenever possible. A bar on the screen will tell what percentage of red blocks have been turned into white blocks, although due to the bar not being able to show decimal numbers, if there are an uneven amount of blocks on the level, not all blocks will share the same percentage.

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