Foreman Buzz
Foreman Buzz
Gender Male
Species Crab robot
Faction Evil
Status Alive, angry
Game(s) Chisel
Chisel 2

Foreman Buzz is a character in the games Chisel and Chisel 2. His name was revealed in Chisel 2, where he played a bigger role.


Foreman Buzz wears a dark grey suit with a golden belt. He has pinkish skin, headphone-like ears, a silver drill atop his head, a metallic coloured mustache and small metal arms which resemble crab claws.

General information


Chisel 1

Foreman Buzz sent Chiseler to destroy a galaxy be cutting it down to size. When Chiseler returned, informing the boss of his finished Job, the boss responded harshly with "You fool! You destroyed the wrong galaxy!".

Chisel 2

Foreman Buzz re-trained Chiseler, gave him the ability to jump, and sent him to destroy the right galaxy. Buzz became enraged when Chiseler began to disobey his orders, going to far off parts of the galaxy.

Chiseler then began to accidentally dig in off-limits areas, getting in trouble with the law. Damage reports came in from all parts of the galaxy, and an enraged Foreman Buzz went out to get Chiseler.

Buzz eventually found Chiseler, reported him to the police. Chiseler was put in jail clothes, and as a fine had to put back together all the planets he cut down.


Chiseller's Boss planet

Foreman Buzz's planet and house

Foreman Buzz is Chiseler's boss. He lives on a planet shaped like his head, in a shack.


Foreman Buzz has quite a temper, and is easily enraged by Chiseler's disobedience. He is never seen doing any work, and acts harshly towards Chiseler when he fails to do his job.

Game Information


Foreman Buzz does not appear in the original Chisel, other than in the ending, where he becomes enraged at Chiseler's incompetence in destroying the wrong galaxy.

Chisel 2

In Chisel 2, the boss often messages Chiseler, frequently being harsh with him. The messages are used to explain then storyline and introduce new enemies. His messages can be closed by pressing the "H" key or the space bar, and can be viewed again by pressing "H".



  • Foreman Buzz has a kindred spirit to the boss from Rubble Trouble, who is always getting mad and has a different colour of hard hat than the others (or, in this case, drill).
  • Foreman Buzz's attitude is similar to that of Uncle Rico from Super Treadmill

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