This article is about force fields from Rockitty. For force fields from other games, please see Force fields.

Force fields
Use The Forcefield
Ability Prohibits objects from passing through
Game(s) Rockitty

Force fields are interactive objects first seen in level fifteen of the game Rockitty.


Force fields are shown as criss-crossing translucent beams of light. They will typically be seen as entrance ways to enclosed areas. Unlike other interactive objects, they only appear in few levels.

Game Information

A force field's sole ability is to prevent objects such as small planets, point balls and explosives from crossing the border into other regions. Rockitty, however, is not affected by force fields and will be able to pass through them as though they are not present.

Force fields are useful in evading enemies, but may be useless against lava enemies, which have the ability to pass through walls.

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