This article is about force fields from Final Ninja. For force fields from other games, please see Force fields.

Force field
Forcefield wall
A force field in Final Ninja Zero
Damage None
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Final Ninja series

Force fields are obstacles in the Final Ninja series.


Force fields appear as a thick wall of coloured energy. In Final Ninja Zero, the force fields appear blue and transparent, while in Final Ninja they appear as a non-transparent and orange coloured.

Game information

Trip force fields

Trip force fields are obstacles that appear when a the player runs in front of trip wire lasers. On the ground and ceiling of an area, there are always two projectors embedded in the platforms, directly above each other. There are usually a pair between the entrance and exit of a room. Setting off a trip wire laser will cause mines to be spawned and the force field to come up between the two projectors. This will enclose the player in a room, while there are enemies spawning inside. Takeshi will not be harmed if contact is made with a force field, as it acts like a wall, even though it seems to be made out of energy. The will block Takeshi and prevent him from escaping the room, allowing the mines to finish him off if he is not agile enough to avoid and destroy them.

Force fields will disappear after the alarm shuts off, usually after some time. In Final Ninja, force fields appear orange coloured and upon the setting off of the alarm blue mines or other enemies are spawned. The projectors of the force field will read "Locked" in red letters if the force field is up, and "Open" in blue letters if the force field is down. In Final Ninja Zero, the force field is bluish and drone mines are spawned.

Generator force fields

In Final Ninja Zero,the player encounters force fields that are connected to generators. These are completely different from trip force fields, as they stay on indefinitely until the player hits the generator. These force fields were activated deliberately to prevent entrance to the room, and can only be shut down be destroying the generator, which is connected to the force field by giant cables.

The player can follow the cables to find the generator, which is located in some other room in the level. The generator is usually located not to far away from the force field, and upon destroying it the force field shuts down, however, it will only shut down that force field, not all force fields in the level. Force fields are impervious to ninja stars.

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