This article is about food from Test Subject Blue. For food from other games, please see Food.

Food pills are interactive objects in the games Test Subject Blue, Test Subject Green and some levels of Test Subject Complete.


Food pills are yellow glowing pills that levitate inside a big transparent capsule with a dark grey metal base.

Game information

Test Subject Blue & Green

Food pills are the main objective to get to for Blue in every level of Test Subject Blue and Green. Hence their name, food pills seem to be a source of nourishment, which probably motivates Blue to complete a test.

Food pills are placed in glass capsules in every level in Test Subject Blue & Green.

The glass capsule cannot be destroyed, but can only be removed when a key card is picked up. When a key card is obtained, the glass capsule will disappear around the food pill, allowing Blue to access the pill. When Blue approaches the pill, and is right in front of it, the glass capsule on his mechanical suit will open up, and Blue - in enzyme form - will jump out and eat the pill. A pipe will then come out of the ceiling and suck Blue into it, transporting him into the next level.


  • Food pills have a slight resemblance to the jellybeans from Jelly Beanstalk.
  • When Blue is sucked up through the pipe, it is quite possible he is dropped back into the syringe the professor puts into each spawn cylinder at the start of each level.
  • The sound of entering the pipe sound is very similar to the sound of entering a secret castle area in Super Mario 64.