This article is about food from Fat Cat. For food from other games, please see Food.

Ability Gives extra ammo for a megaburp
Points None
Game(s) Fat Cat

Food is an item which the cat can pick up from Fat Cat.


Food appears in the form of cakes, pies, eclairs, doughnuts and buns floating in mid-air. While they sometimes just appear on the level, food can also be available after the player defeats an enemy. Furthermore, the owl can also pick up any food not within the cat's reach if needed, as food can travel through walls, unlike the cat.

Game information

When food is picked up by the cat, a blue bar will appear in the left hand corner of the screen with the words "press space/ctrl" written above it. This indicates how much power the cat can use for a megaburp, which can be used to destruct destructible blocks and quickly defeat enemies. The more food consumed by the cat, the more power it has for a megaburp.



  • Occasionally, a burp is heard when the cat picks up a lot of food.

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