This article is about food from Double Edged. For food from other games, please see Food.

Ability Granting the player health
Game(s) Double Edged

Food is a pick up in Double Edged. There are two types of food: mutton and turkey. Mutton and turkey are both health restoring items.


Mutton is one of the two foods. It can be found in chests, and can be dropped by enemies, rarely. Mutton resembles a cooked leg of an animal, this tasty meat appearing when a player's health is less than half. Unlike coins, mutton will not disappear after time. When a player touches a mutton it will vanish and the player's health will be replenished.




Turkey is the other food in Doubled Edged. Turkey can also be found in chests, or dropped by enemies, but even more rarely than mutton. It is a normal, golden-brown, cooked turkey, and too will not disappear over time, but will when touched by a spartan. They appear less often than mutton, appearing only when a player's health is less than 30%. All of the player's health is restored once it is picked up.

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