The flyswatter is the main weapon used by the player in the game Pest Control, as well as an enemy in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Pest Control

The flyswatter appears as a red swatter with an array of black small holes in it. It consists of a short handle attached to a square swatter. The handle ends in a sharp point.

Nitrome Must Die

The flyswatter in Nitrome Must Die appears almost the same as the one in Pest Control, except it is bigger and more holes are visible. The handle is rounded and longer as well. Also, the flyswatter appears more orange than red.

Game information

Pest Control

In Pest Control, the occupation of the flyswatter is swatting pests. It is not that strong on certain enemies. It can endure only three attacks until it falls off the screen.

Nitrome Must Die

The flyswatter reappears as an enemy in Nitrome Must Die. It is very large and levitates over the ground, tracking the player. It has very high health (taking multiple hits from the rocket to defeat), and swats when it is overlapping the player. It drops a multitude of Coins upon defeat. The flyswatter appears in only one level, that level being a level with several small platforms and lots of flies.

In Pest Control
In Nitrome Must Die
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