This article is about worms from Cold Storage. For worms from other games, please see Worm.

Flying worms
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health One blow
Points Fifty
Game(s) Cold Storage

Flying worms are enemies first introduced in level three of the game Cold Storage.


Flying worms are made up of a round purple body and a pair of wings, which are attached to the middle of the body. The head is slightly larger than the rest of its body, and two tiny black dots make up eyes. The purple shades make up lighter circles seen on the upper part of its body while the wings, thin and grey, move the middle segment of the flying worm's body up and down as it flies.

Game information

Seen in groups, flying worms travel in the same formation in the air, usually when they occupy the same area between poles. They will fly up and down, left and right or remain stationary, flying in place for the duration of a level. If moving, the flying worms will fly together in sync, pausing when they reach the edge of the screen or a short distance away from a pole. A few seconds later, they will turn and fly the opposite direction.

To destroy flying worms without losing health, the yeti must flip onto them when leaving a super-pole. The worms will then be destroyed, scoring the player fifty points each. If the yeti makes contact with one from leaving a pole of a different type or is falling after the super-pole effect wears off, the worms will be killed, but the yeti, at the same time, will also lose one health unit.

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