Flying rectangular blocks
Rectangular Block Robot
Attack Falling down;
Pushing out knives;
Dangerous on contact
Abilities Flying
Health Four blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Flying rectangular blocks are enemies in the game Bullethead.


A flying rectangular block is purple coloured, rectangular shaped block. On each side of it, the white alien skull symbol appears. After landing, a knife/battering ram comes out of its sides. It has one downward-facing circular optic-sensor that glows orange.

Game information

Flying rectangular blocks will come from the left or right side of the screen, then descend and try to crush the soldier. When they get to the ground, two knives will come out both sides of them, they will then proceed to move to the left or right past the edge of the screen, trying to stab the soldier. The blocks will come return to flying after this

Flying rectangular blocks can only be shot when in the air and descending down, but cannot be harmed while on the ground as the soldier is unable to shoot them.

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