Flying orange enzyme are enemies in the games Test Subject Blue and Test Subject Green.


Flying orange enzymes are spherical orange enzymes that wear a metal mask. The metal mask has a mouth, along with turquoise eyes a set of small wings. The wings on the mask constantly levitate the flying orange enzyme, and keep it from falling. The wings almost symbolize ears.

Game information

The flying orange enzyme is the fourth and last orange enzyme encountered in Test Subject Blue. The flying orange enzyme are introduced late in Test Subject Blue, and make only two appearances in the game, their second appearance being in a level where two flying orange enzymes appear.

Flying orange enzymes are immune to Blue's proton cannon in front and back. They are, however, vulnerable to their own attacks. To kill them, a flying orange enzyme must be hit by its own attack twice. To do this, Blue has to fire a proton bullet at the flying orange enzyme's face. The flying orange enzyme will then energize the proton bullet, merge it with a orange enzyme bullet, and shoot it out of its mouth at a faster pace.

Blue now needs to avoid the bullet, which may be a difficulty. If avoided, the bullet will go into the green teleporter behind Blue, and out the teleporter behind the flying orange enzyme, into the Enzyme's back. This is the only way to kill it, as it is immune to everything else in Test Subject Blue. The flying orange enzyme flies in vertical movements, moving so it is constantly facing the player. The flying orange enzyme appears again in Test Subject Green but this time only once.

Flying orange enzymes are the least appearing enemies in the Test Subject Blue series, appearing only twice in Test Subject Blue and once in Test Subject Green, adding up to a total of three appearances throughout the series.