Flying monsters
Flying Elephant Head
Attack Dropping eggs
Abilities Flight
Health One blow
Game(s) Thin Ice, Frost Bite 2

Flying monsters are enemies that first appear in the game Thin Ice, making their second appearance in the game Frost Bite 2. The creature in Frost Bite 2 uses the same attacks it uses in Thin Ice. It is one of the harder to kill enemies in Thin Ice.


Flying monsters closely resemble elephant heads; or more likely in this environment, a woolly mammoth, with dark purple skin. It has a head with a trunk and horns on each side. Behind the elephant is its small legs, which are never used. Farther up its head is its eyes, and two floppy ears nearby. The flying monster is rather small.

Game information

Thin Ice

Dizzy mon

A dizzy flying monster from Thin Ice

Flying monsters make their first appearance in Thin Ice. They are one of the most difficult enemies to kill, as most of their time is spent flying in the air. While in the air, they move around, but are often stationary. They attack by dropping eggs that explode when they hit the ground, creating a blast.

They can only be killed if the Climber cuts a hole around them when they come to the ground. They come to the ground when they become dizzy, which they become for unknown reasons. Flying monsters can easily cause the player to lose the level due to depleting their time, which is done by them being up in the air where the Climber cannot harm them, and thus causing the player to wait for them to fall.

Frost Bite 2

Flying monsters reappear in Frost Bite 2. They appear in the later levels, and fly like in Thin Ice. They are considerably easier to kill as the Climber is armed this time. They drop eggs that create a big blast (like in Thin Ice) and will often get dizzy.

They fly only horizontally, and can be killed by being shot with the grappling hook at all times, as even if they are far away the Climber can jump and shoot them. A sign in the game instructs to the Climber to wait for the monster to fall to the ground, then kill them, even though this is an inefficient way of killing them.

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