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This article is about fire from Twin Shot 2. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Flying fire monster
Flying Fire Monster
Attacks Releases bats, fiery spheres and fire
Abilities Flying
Level One hundred
Health Twenty hits to its eye
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

The flying fire monster is the boss of the evil levels in Twin Shot 2.


The flying fire monster is a flying flame with two red wings, who has a mouth with four teeth. In the middle of his flame head is a single eye.

Game information


The flying fire monster will fly from left to right in the level and bats spawn out of his mouth. The angels have to shoot these bats to turn them into rock platforms. The angels have to use these platforms to get to the eye of the monster. When the eye is hit, the monster turns into a statue which has to be shot as many times as possible. Every seven hits it will release health for the player.

After five seconds (in which he can be hit around seven times) the monster becomes fiery again and shoots a hot sphere which chases the angels. Eventually it disappears and the whole process has to be done again. After the second seven hits, the monster shoots not one, but two chasing spheres also flames to shoot out of the floor. When the monster is turned into a statue for a third time, the angels have to shoot it until it eventually explodes.


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Twin Shot 2 - Evil level 50 - Evil boss evil ending04:31

Twin Shot 2 - Evil level 50 - Evil boss evil ending



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