Flying blue creatures
Flying Enemy 1FlyingblueFlyingbomber
Left: Twin Shot 1 variation of the flying blue creature
Middle: Twin Shot 2 variation of the flying blue creatures
Right: A bomber flying blue creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Drops bombs (bomber only); dangerous on contact
Health One hit
Points 100
Game(s) Twin Shot series

Flying blue creatures are enemies in the games Twin Shot and Twin Shot 2.


Twin Shot 1 variation

The first flying blue creature first appeared in level two of Twin Shot. It was teal with white, frowning eyes. It had a roundish body with two very small arms and legs. It had big long, ears with a pink insides that they used to fly.

Twin Shot 2 variation

The Twin Shot 2 flying blue creatures were exactly the same as their predecessors, except that they had small, black eyes instead of white, frowning ones.

Bomber variation

Bomber flying blue creatures appeared in the same form as the other flying blue creatures, but with a few differences. The bomber's colour is a blueish-purple, opposed to the greener variation before it. Its legs are straight down, and they hold a black bomb with a burning fuse in them; it drops the bomb when the player is under it.

Game information

Normal variation

The usual flying blue creatures fly back and forth in the air. They, like some enemies in Twin Shot, take one hit to kill. They can only fly horizontally, unable to fly vertically. They have no attack, leaving them quite vulnerable to damage, and quite easy to kill. However, they will cause the angels to lose one health unit on contact.

Bomber variation

The bomber flying blue creature is another enemy in Twin Shot 2. It is exactly the same as the normal flying blue creature except that it is a darker blue and drops bombs. If the angels are caught in the blast range of the bomb, or if they come in contact with the creature, they will lose one health unit.

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