Fluffykins is the main character of Carrot Story, traveling through the Land of Carrots to defeat the Moo King.


Fluffykins is depicted as a white rabbit wearing a red cap with an orange arch on it and a red shirt. He moves on his hind legs, in the same way a human would walk. There is also some grit on his teeth as seen when he opens his mouth.



If an enemy is present in the land of carrots, Fluffykins can kill it by jumping on its head. The enemy will disappear and grant the player a certain number of points. Enemies can also be used as boosts for jumping over large gaps of land.


Boxes are seen in most levels. The player can have Fluffykins pick up boxes with the space bar, of which Fluffykins will put one on his head. By pressing the space bar again, Fluffykins drops the box he is holding.

While the box is on his head, Fluffykins can protect himself from overhead attacks, such as those coming from a plant or above spike heads.

Super Mode

When Fluffykins obtains a super mode powerup, he will turn into Super Fluffykins. Except for green attire, he still retains the same appearance. Once Fluffykins is in super mode, the player can have him shoot fireballs when the space bar is pressed. The fireballs can break through destroyable blocks and are also capable of killing most enemies.

Other appearances

  • Touchy - A Cuboy appears wearing a red hat that has two rabbit ears sticking out



  1. See Mega Mash ending