Fluffball is the main character of Fluffball. Its face also appears as an unlockable balloon in Hot Air 2.


Fluffball appears as a spherical brown sphere with a black outline around the sphere. This brown sphere is apparently made of fluff (hence its name), Fluffball having various tufts of hair on its body. Fluffball has two yellow eyes with a black iris, these eyes placed at the edge of its face (but not going over the outline), its eyes a little above the middle-edge of its face.

At the bottom half of its body is its mouth, which is constantly open and has two white teeth placed close to the upper edges of its mouth, and a small pink tongue. When injured, Fluffball's eyes become X's and it closes its mouth.

Game information

Hot Air 2

Fluffball appears on the balloon when level 24, Follow The Leader, is completed.


Fluffball is moved by the player clicking and creating a line of stars which they use to push Fluffball around. Fluffball moves in the direction it is pushed, and dies when it falls off the course or is injured four times, as it has only got four hearts of health.

Other appearances

  • Fluffball appears in the Party skin, between the venus fly trap and Magneboy. Despite the game being cancelled, Fluffball nonetheless made an appearance alongside the other previously released Nitrome games in the skin.